Wednesday, February 23, 2005

why do I bother?

am I bothering, that is the question. Put on half a pound this week. I've been 'mostly' doing no count but mostly isn't enough. And now I feel cr@p for only losing 2.5 lb in 7 weeks, tho' I'm trying to remind myself that I am doing OK, because I have lost something and am keeping on working at it.

No point making excuses, just need to get on and do it right. I'm going to give NoCount another go for a week, and do it properly this time. (Remind me to blog another time about why I think No Count could be a good plan for me). I'll be able to get more exercise this coming week, too (I'll be allowed to go in the pool after my paper stitches come off).

I feel like I should have a Challenge for this week, too. But can't decide what ... could be no crisps? no booze? drink 1 l water a day? exercise 5 days out of 7? Any suggestions?

other news:
O was so excited at the teeny tiny bit of snow we had this morning, poor little chap was gutted it had all gone by the time he was let out of school. I've been getting started on my OU course, am enjoying it so far, had my first tutorial this week.

recipe of the day (courtesty of FatClub leader): A Chickpea Snack
Drain a can of chickpeas [garbanzos] (or soak and boil your own). Spread on a baking tray, spray with low calorie cooking oil spray stuff, then sprinkle some spices over the chickpeas (eg garam massala, mild chilli powder). Cook in a low (140oC) oven for about an hour, shaking occassionally, until the chickpeas are dried and getting crunchy. Cool and keep in air tight jar (add some salt if like).
free on No Count if eaten as part of a meal, otherwise 2 points per 100g start weight (eg if you start with a 400g tin of chickpeas, a quarter of the cooked chickpeas will have 2 points).

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jude said...

If you were like me you would put on a stone in 7 that would be worse. A challenge would be good crisps or booze I will join in yay.