Thursday, February 03, 2005


today has been better than yesterday, anyways. Mood a bit better and consequently eating a bit better. Tho I did eat two skinny cows in one sitting. And a quick 'hurrah' for Light Touch, now I can make omlettes without the block of butter haunting me, stalking me, making me eat it.

some numbers:
points allowance ~ 32.5 (25/7.5); points used ~ 28 (-4.5); exercise ~ belly dancing; water ~ 2 l; booze ~ 0


M@rla said...

Two Skinny C0ws is still only 260 cals, so no disaster. Keep going, if you can stand it eventually the motivation will kick in again!

Butter is my nemesis. I feel like I could eat a whole stick. Who is it - Homer Simpson? - who eats a stick of butter between two Pop Tarts?

clarrie said...

glad it's not just me. I cannot have the stuff in the house. Even when I freeze it, I find myself chipping bits off.

And our Brit SKs are only 80 cals (1 WW point) each so two is 160 or 2 points. I'm thinking, if I can't stop bingeing, at least I can have less expensive binges on SKs and WW sugar free sweets.

Stephen said...

I'm a butter addict, too, great slabs of cold butter on fresh bread, or malt loaf, or warm cheese scones... mmmm. You are not alone, Clarrie (but you know that).