Friday, February 18, 2005

I :heart: the NHS

Tonight I had an unfortunate mishap with my beloved hand held blender, took a chunk out of my thumb and needed to go to casualty. Expecting, on past form, to have to wait around for several hours I packed my book and water bottle and got R to drop me off at the hospital. I was in and out in under half an hour!

They have a minor injuries unit now, run by nurse practioners. Instead of a nurse looking at your finger, then calling a doctor to look at it so the doctor can tell the nurse to put some steri-strips on it, someone finally worked out that you could maybe trust the nurses to just get on with the job. So yay for nurses and yay for the NHS. Boo for not being able to go swimming or aquarobicising for a week. Although yay for getting out of doing the washing up for the week.

I had the accident while making my new fave-food (fave-food in the sense of diet faves, not absolute faves) ie fruit smoothies. Skimmed milk, low fat yoghurt, banana, frozen soft fruits, all whizzed together. V delish and free on No Count wooo.

Was trying to save most of my points allowance for eating out tomorrow night, but decided I needed medicinal wine on the way back from the hospital. At least I walked back, 30 mins walking so that kind of makes up for not getting to swim tomorrow.


Trinity said...

poor baby. Do you need a personal nursie?

jude said...

eep for claz thumb but yay for no point recipes as they be free for me toooooooooo