Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Weigh in day today and I know it's going to be bad, the only question is just how bad? What I ate at the weekend would probably have meant I stayed the same this week. But then on top of that I've missed 2 excercise classes this week, haven't done my walking and have stuffed myself with cr@p for the past couple of days.

I know I keep saying this but I need to get a handle on this stuff. I can feel the ill effects of the past week. Physically, I feel bloated and tired and I'm stiff when I get up in mornings. Mentally I feel agitated and irritable, and not a little disgusted with myself.

I'm planning on doing NoCount1 this week. Most of our usual main meals fit in with it. For me it's between meals that's where the bad stuff happens, tho. I don't know if doing NoCount will make this any easier to handle. Anyway I'll give it a go, perhaps the change will shake things up a bit.

1. NoCount is what WW UK call the Core plan

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M@rla said...

Yes, why not give NoCount a try.

I finally saw it advertised in the US; they call it "No Counting." Whatever!