Tuesday, May 03, 2005

does my bum look big on this?

Although I love it as a method of transport, my bike is in fact a piece of cheap cr@p which doesn't even fit me properly. Pending purchase of a shiny new bike, I'm tinkering with it to try and get the best out of it. CB has kindly donated me one of her old saddles, which is a bit narrower, a bit harder1 and generally a bit nicer than the one that came with the bike. Did 33 miles on Sunday.

Monday being a bank holiday, we hitched up the trailer bike and went for a family ride and a picnic in the woods. We did 11.5 miles in all, the furthest O has ever ridden in one day. Le Tour 2020, here he comes.

So, exercise is still happening. I am making a half-arsed attempt at my assigment today and will settle for scraping a few marks here and there. Work is going very very slowly. Eating well let's not talk about eating for now.

And finally, a message for impatient car drivers honking their horns and getting irate because our family peloton cost them valuable seconds of journey time ...
critical mass: we are traffic

P.S. for Trin: my fave blog-about-neighbours

1. Common bike saddle fallacy no. 1: "wider & squishier = betterer". That's not to say everyone should ride summat out of that yellow pages ad, tho.
For everything you never wanted to know about saddles, ask Sheldon.

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