Friday, May 20, 2005

the excitement mounts

O is so excited he's fit to burst. Tonight has three (three? THREE? wtf was I thinking ?) coming for a sleep over - including our future daughter-in-law. On Sunday he has a party to go to. And the week after next, at half-term, Trin and gurls are coming to visit. Every day he asks 'is it half-term tomorrow?' The only cloud on his horizon is that Trin's not bringing her kitten with her.

Me, I am struggling womanfully to catch up with my course work. I didn't go belly dancing last night, so I could do some. My eating's still shot. Must get on scales soon but I know they'll say something bad. Ah well, back to oak woodland ecosystems.


jude said...

have you stopped ww? I have new motivation ;) well for today anyway. Come join 3fc challengeeeeeeeeeee.

Trinity said...

how was the sleep over?