Thursday, May 05, 2005

geeky, moi?

R has gone out to buy The Laptop. He was determined to get it today and it's his money so I have to be satisfied with giving him detailed information about what we do and don't need, including what doings will be needed for wireless connectivity, and strict instructions to ring me if any shopyouth tries to bamboozle him.

Even I am slightly embarrassed at just how excited I am about being able to watch the election night coverage on tv while simultaneously browsing election results on line. Don't all point and laff.


Trinity said...

bloody hell me and jude wait patiently (right) for one post a week and then we get three in one day. I better do lie down with a large gin.
ps I copied you. I have no mind of my own.

clarrie said...

Tracy Barlow is our political guru. All Hail Tracy! Right, I'm just off to me room to brush me 'air for 5 years.

nate said...

Laptops are the holy grail.
Each and every one of them.
I'd certainly die without mine.

Trinity said...

mine even pops popcorn