Monday, May 09, 2005


Cycled 48 miles yesterday and things hurt this morning. We rode with a group to Lower Loxley Arley Hall, had lunch there then pootled to Tatton Park for coffee & cakes. Cafe stops v. important in the life of the cyclist.

Am still making no progress whatsoever on the d**t front. Haven't been to fat club, haven't even weighed myself at home for the past 2 - 3 weeks. Motivation in temporary abeyance.

Network news: I figured out that it's my firewall making things go buggrup. If I turn it off network is lovely. Now I just have to fathom how to set the firewall to let the network work.


Trinity said...

ask stevie. There's a firewall in the router so you don't need lappy firewall.

clarrie said...

hah, I have it all working now. I have hardware and software firewalls, can't be too careful.

Trinity said...

you got more firewalls than the London Fire service

clarrie said...

firewalls v important. Esp when your next-door-but-one neighbour's new lodger is a transvestite black-hat goth hacker.