Wednesday, May 04, 2005

poverty is relative

Today I bumped into a teenage lad I know slightly, who lives near me. We were both waiting ages in the doctors so I tried to make small talk with him, and asked him what he's going to do after his GCSEs this summer. I nearly fell off my chair when he told me he's volunteering on a project to help deprived kids. His mam's an alkie, both his step-dad & his real dad are smackheads and are both in & out of prison, he lives with a shifting population of half-siblings, step-siblings, cousins, and probably one or two kids no-one's can remember who they belong to. He is deprived kids ffs. He's also a very nice kid.

I hope the person who came here looking for the party is having a nice time. And if the person googling s103 answers finds what they were looking for, do let me know, I could do with some help meself.

Random thing I am proud of O for today: he knows that spiders are not insects. And he knows the key difference between spiders and insects. There's quite a lot of adults who think that spiders are insects. Tsk. They probably also think that penguins and polar bears live together and didn't have pedants for parents. They too were deprived, poor things.

And finally, a message for Trin

Baby Milk Action: Fight the Nestle Monster


Trinity said...

ahh I wondered when you'd wake up and smell the nestle coffee!! Oh come on I only ate their sandwiches!!


clarrie said...

I tried to comment on your blog b4 but it not let me boo