Sunday, May 15, 2005

my bad

Yesterday was my mum's birthday, so we spent the day with her. My parents are the only people they know on their street who don't vote Tory and don't read the Daily Mail. So of course O and I both wore evul hoodies. O on swingboat

I did wonder if we'd get slapped with an asbo before we even entered the village, but no we were allowed in and even allowed to be the only chavs at the village festival. Festival was v nice, O loved the old fashioned swing boat rides and the puppet show was ace.annoying flashing spinning noisy ball thing

My mum got her own back on my for the hoodies by buying O the type of horrible vile tacky toy we would never have been allowed as kids, a spinning light-up ball thingy that plays the same 2 lines from a bangin' choon over and over again. It's like having a fun fair in your living room, deep joy. The mean cow even bought spare batteries for it! Wish we'd kept that chocolate cake we made her for ourselves, now.


Trinity said...

i got some from Disney. I'll bring them.

clarrie said...

yep, you do that if you want no home made chocolate cake.