Thursday, May 05, 2005

if you're still undecided ...

Don't know who to vote for? Don't waste valuable Heat-reading time on all those boring newspapers and manifestos. Rustie Lee Just take advice from your fave celeb.

Will you be like Joan Collins, Clarissa Dickson Wright and Nicky Haslam and vote Tory? Or be a 'red' like Tony Blair's mates Sir Alex, Vera Duckworth and Dickie Attenborough? Perhaps Brian Eno, Nicholas Parsons and Fran Healey will tempt you to back the LibDems? Me, I was very tempted by Rustie Lee's stand for UKIP. But in the end, I'm with Tracy Barlow.

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Anonymous said...

we don't have poncey green party and my lib dem is a p.e teacher as in spawn of the devil oh and I had Labour instilled in me at birth and if I don't vote for them I will dieeeeeeeeeeeee or something. It's alright for yous who have a choice