Friday, June 17, 2005

the awful truth

yes Jude, I went to FatClub. I got weighed and actually it wasn't as awful as it could've been. I weigh below (just) my heighest weight from last year so tho I have gained nearly everything back I lost, I've not gone over what I weighed before it all started. Must be the excercise that's doing it, as I have been stuffing my face for months now.

I'm breaking myself back in gently to FatClub mode, tho. This week I'm not going to point things, I'm just going to work on getting my eating back on keel and reverting to something approaching normal healthy eating patterns. Our FatClub leader used the Women's European Championship as the basis for a rather strained extended metaphor likening dieting to football, but she did end with a suggestion I found really useful: that we should issue ourselves with dieting red and yellow cards. Red for something you must definitely stop doing and yellow for something you need to be careful of or limit. These are mine:
  • RED CARD - mindless eating
    I will be mindful of what I eat and drink, and I will stop and think before eating
  • YELLOW CARD - limit wine and nuts to Fridays only
    somehow this has crept up to several nights a week, from now on it will be limited to wine and pistachios on BB eviction night only
So far I am not doing too badly, have been eating normally and drinking plenty of liquids (not all water, lots of sugar free squash), went belly dancing and have two long bike rides planned for this week.

Other news: O saw me looking at stuff on ebay and asked what it was, I said it was a power rangers duvet cover. Since then he thinks that PR Duvet Cover is another PR series, like PR Ninja Storm or PR Dinothunder, and has been asking his friends to play PR Duvet Cover with him. It is very sweet and very funny, I just hope none of the other kids laff at him.


Jude said...

well done for going

M@rla said...

Yay Clazza!

You realize when O is an adult, he will be able to sue you for the cost of his psychotherapy.