Sunday, June 12, 2005

fun for all the family

This being National Bike Week, I made O and R come on a guided ride to Styal. It was 'only' 25 miles in total. That's the furthest O or R have ever cycled. I towed O on the trailer bike and feel like I've ridden twice as far, particularly as my seat post slipped down without my realising it - my knees and bum are paying for that now.

I have done sort of ok-ish trying to get myself kick started to losing weight again. Of the three things I said I would do:
  • no crisps - I have actually managed to keep this up! I haven't overcome my passion for salty snacks (there have been nuts) but I've said no to crisps all week.
  • drink 500 ml of water a day - I've done this about half the days this week. Some days I have omitted to get the water bottle out of the fridge at all.
  • go to belly dancing and do 1 other excercise - did go belly dancing, but didn't to any other (the bike ride falls into this current week not the past week). I was going to go swimming on Friday evening but ended up going out to eat pizza and drink wine and listen to music instead

My aims for this week are going to be:
  • stay off the crisps and limit other salty snacks
  • drink 500 ml water a day
  • do 3 exercise events this week (bike ride today counts as one)
  • go to FatClub on Wednesday


Trinity said...

you need a medal xxx

M@rla said...

yeah a triple-x medal!

oh i guess that was kisses. either way...

good for you on the crisps. I can stay away from sweets, but salty is harder. When I can't stand it anymore I make broiled chicken wings for dinner - very satisfyingly greasy but probably better for me than snacks.