Thursday, June 02, 2005

didn't we have a lovely time

Had a fun and busy couple of days with Trin and girls visiting us. Spent Tuesday morning in teen goth heaven, went bowling in the afternoon and had a fun evening with a house full of kids (during which O came up to me to ask if I'd "sexed anyone?"). On Wednesday we just hung out and had lunch in the cafe. I tried to learn to do scoubies but small girls laffed at my efforts. Danz is scoubiemeister and was giving masterclasses in the cafe. O is a in love with Danz, because "she speaks in a beautiful way and she can make scoubies".


jude said...

And had you sexed anyone?

clarrie said...

don't be cheeky! *slaps Jude's wrist*

Trinity said...

I'd have slapped her bum