Saturday, June 25, 2005

'that' question

O asked me The Question this morning. He already knows that to make a baby, daddy gives mummy a seed. Now he wants to know how the baby gets inside mummy's tummy. So I told him (in age-appropriate lack-of-detail, obv). Oh, he said. Then, can I have an ice-pop?

In diet news: things were not so good yesterday. Had to catch a train at 6.45 am, got up a little late so not enough time for breakfast. Grabbed a couple of bananas and thought that would see me through but the train was delayed and my tummy was rumbling and I ended up snacking innapropriately from the on-board shop. At least I was kept busy all day and had little time for eating biscuits during coffee breaks. Plenty of fresh fruit on the lunch buffet, which was good except that the apples were a horribly bland and mushy variety ick. A not-perfect but could've been worse purchase from M&S did for my tea. So not too bad a day. Not getting any exercise this weekend, tho - cried off bike ride so I can catch up on my studies. Which I'd better get back to, I spose

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Robin said...

It’s nice to find your blog. I’ve started for the 3rd time I think with a blog of a similar nature. I’m not sure how I feel about “diets” but I want a place to vent. Stop by sometime if you want: I’ll come by and check yours out more often.