Tuesday, June 14, 2005

who needs feminism?

We're all equal now, right?

Yeah, right. That's why I had these conversations yesterday with 2 different women, about my own age, who I really expected better of

Neighbour: I was just wondering if O's daddy knows much about computers
Me: No, not really
Neighbour: Oh, OK, it's just that my son's trying to fit this new doo-dad to his computer and he's not sure he's doing it right.
Me: Sorry, O's daddy doesn't know much about computers. O's mummy has installed new hard drives, set up a wireless network and fixed most computer problems she's come accross but hey, what would she know about it?

OK so I didn't say the last bit. And she did at least look embarassed when the gender of our household geek was revealed. Tho I didn't fit the doo-dad (he'd bought the wrong thing, he needed a thingummy instead).

Me: so, we all cycled 25 miles yesterday, O did really well on his trailer bike
Friend: yes and well done to R for cycling all that way and towing the trailer up hills
Me: umm, R wasn't towing the trailer, I was

Gah. Where did I put that t-shirt?
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dietgirl said...

ARRRRRRRRRGH i bet you wanted to sock both of them in the chops!

Jude said...

Have you GONE to fat club?