Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I don't know wtf is happening with the music chip in my brain. After all this time listening to dub, suddenly I am wandering round the house singing to myself "my love she speaks like silence, without ideals or violence" etc and to my shame it's been so long since I listened to much of Bob Zimmerman's ** stuff that I had to google to find out the song is actually called Love Minus Zero. Well OK I could've got up and gone downstairs and looked through the vinyl to find that out but hey I'm a 21st century kind of gal, why get off your arse when you can google it? And that's the other thing that shows how long it is since I listened to Bob, most of my stuff is on vinyl, and our turntable packed up a couple of years ago and still hasn't been replaced, and I haven't missed it. Well I've listened to some, obv, the ones I bought on cd to replace the over-played casettes people made me when I was a student. Yes I was that student cliche, staying up all night listening to Bob Dylan and changing the world. Have never given up on the trying to change the world bit, and have now rediscovered the Bob too. Hurrah.

One major disadvantage of me getting re-Bobbed (apart from people having to listen to me singing along) is that it doesn't encourage me to get up and boogie while listening. There's a few cals I won't be burning every day. Ah well.

** that's what Bob Dylan fans like to refer to him as to show how kewl and knowledgeable we they are

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