Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Right, I'm gonna get me some mini-goals. I'm feeling like the novelty of losing weight has started to wear off, always a dangerous stage for me to get to. So maybe if I have something to work towards .... ? Might work.

Mini-Goal 1 (weight loss): achieve total of 25 lb lost ie 10% reduction from original body weight. Why 10%? Cos I've read that a 5 - 10% weight loss gives "significant health benefits". The mathematicians amongst you may quibble that 10% of my start weight is actually 24.5 lb, which is true, but asda seven quid 'smart-price' scales aren't so accurate. I spose I should set a date for it too ... hmm ... ok I hereby create a mini-goal of weighing 220 lb (15 st 10) by .... (extrapolates graph) ... 3 weeks time ie 9th April.

Mini-Goal 2 (nrt): ok so I need to get off the nrt. At the moment I get thro about 5 2mg lozenges a day. I will aim to taper off by 1 a week ie 4 this week, 3 next week, and so on, so I will be off them by 16th April. omg that's scary waaaah

Right I will stick those in my side bar so I don't accidentally on purpose forget about them. waaaaaaah heelepp what am i doing eeepppp.

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