Sunday, March 28, 2004

Weather was nice today so we cycled to a local park, where even the goat is on a diet. Large signs all over the goat space forbid the feeding of crisps, cake and bread, the goat is allowed only fruit and veggies. So we gave him some carrots (after O had taken a few bites out of them first) then went to climb things and play football etc. Too healthy all together, so had to have apple pie with cream for pudding to make up for it.

My new favourite song is Aiysha (Aicha) by Khaled. Another of our belly dance teacher's faves and it has grown on me so much, I've been going round singing it to myself (all two lines that I know the words to), but I knew nothing about it. Hurrah as ever for the lovely google which as well as providing the lyrics, got me to this interesting article on Rai music and Berber poetry. Good music with subversive and feminist tendencies, sounds like the genre for me. Next stop, The Rough Guide to Rai

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