Saturday, March 20, 2004

Oops, over-spent on the calorie budget yesterday. Work meeting adjourned to the pub and rather a lot of red wine was drunk - after spending several hours discussing marketing, we felt all dirty and David Brenty, we needed the booze to wash us clean. Too much drinking led to too much eating - on top of the cheesey pasta bake I'd had for lunch, I ended up having a chip barm on the way home (it was late and cold and dark and I had to wait for bus and I was bit pished). Mmmmmm carbs.

Ah well today is another day etc and I'm doing not bad, hurray, except that the horrible windiness outside means we've put off a bike ride to the park. Staying in and defragging my hard drives while reading about bike riding instead. Which has brought back vague recollections of having promised to do a copy of Senor Coconut for Kraftwerk-loving colleague.

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