Friday, March 05, 2004

I went to bellydancing last night, which was fun but depressing. Depressing because I stood at the front for some of it, and the class is held in a proper dance studio thingy with full length mirrors covering the whole wall. I didn't much enjoy seeing the full horror of my wobbly bits wobbling in time (sort of) to the strains of Tarkan. I console myself by thinking how much worse it would've been before I lost 18 lb, and how much better it will be when I've lost some more lb. But it is feeling like a long haul now, the thought of how long it will take me to even get my weight out of the 'obese' category and become merely over weight is quite depressing. Oh well, onwards and thinwards.

Other news: my new favourite radio programme Lively Up Yourself on BBC 6 Music, presented by Brinsley Forde. I love internet radio.

Yes, people of a certain age, Brinsley is him from Aswad who was Spring in the Double Deckers.

I loved Tiger best

I am showing my age now hah.

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