Monday, April 11, 2005

another day, another d*et disaster

Gah. I'm way behind with my work, I'm stressed and panicking, and I'm stuffing my face with cr@p like it's gonna help. I know it's one of the rubbishest excuses ever, but thoughts of smoking have seriously crossed my mind the past couple of days, so stuffing my face with cr@p is the better option right? OK don't answer that.

Mebe I'll take Cheeky Moo's word for it and call it a re-feed week hurrah.

Other news: O informed my tonight that he loves S more than me. But then he loves me more than S. I think he's trying to say that Mums are good for some things but for other things you need Gurls.

I have not gone to aquarobics tonight (bad) but tomorrow I'm planning my first 'cycle 7 miles, take advanced belly dance class, cycle 7 miles' outing. Bwaahahahahah.

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Jude said...

Do not smoke. Smoking is evil. Smoking is horrible and disgusting. I do not like it.