Monday, April 04, 2005

getting back to it

Quite a busy weekend. Went on demo on Saturday - O protested bitterly at being made to go but then enjoyed himself running about Albert Square with the other kids, particularly when the sound system crusties turned their bubble machine on. [old person moan] why do we always have to be subjected to crusties' ambient techno and crusties' "samba" bands on demos? just because we're lefties doesn't mean we've no taste in music. [/old person moan]

The Tories' vile pre-election posters are all over the feckin place. "Are we thinking what they're thinking?" they ask, inviting us to agree with their Mail-Reader friendly questions. "It's not racist to impose limits on immigration" and "I mean, how hard is to keep a hospital clean" are two of them. So I particularly liked this placard seen on the demo:
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There has been some quality subervtising of billboards (so I suppose crusties are good for something).
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Which is probably about the only thing to look forward to in the election campaign (Memo to self: borrow spray can from local youths and add "you should know, you privatised all the cleaning" to the next "how hard is it?" poster I see). Oh and having news bulletins saying something other than "Pope Still Dead" on the hour every hour, that might be a nice change.

Belly dancing party was good on Saturday night, I stayed off the WKD and had vodka & diet coke instead. Less calories but more caffeine, couldn't get to sleep for hours. Did 16 mile bike ride on Sunday, northwards, towards where there are Hills. Had to get off and push for some of the way, but I suppose uphill cycling will get easier as I develop more gears in my legs (and as there's less of me to haul up the hills, too).

Everything back to normal from today, back to work, back to pointing, yawn yawn it's so boring yawn. Going to skip aquarobics cos I'm behind on my course work and we have a tutorial tomorrow, so I need to get some cramming in.


Jude said...

you voting tory then?

clarrie said...

tsk. Don't you know it's a seekrit ballot?