Thursday, April 14, 2005

not a nice day

Had a horrible job to do today, but at least it kept me busy. And it's all done and over with now (I hope). Watching the new wildlife prog tonight, I decided a world with rays in it isn't a bad place to live. Steve Leanord ain't a patch on David Attenborough, tho.

today's numbers: points allowance ~ 24; points used ~ 32.5; +/- for week ~ +8.5; exercise ~ belly dancing (60 min); water ~ 750 ml; booze ~ 2 (large) glasses wine; crisps ~ 0 (but there were pistachios)


Broken Angel said...

Dont fall off the wagon! Congrats on all youve already lost. I'm sure you'll loose a lot more..

Stephen said...

I hope it wasn't too traumatic, and all went off OK. Hugs S.