Saturday, April 16, 2005

this is heaven, this is hell

It's all because I'm so lazy. I can be other than lazy but I have to make myself. Lazy is my default setting. I did manage to squeeze a small amount of work out of myself today, then it got to me again and I gradually stopped being productive. So I thought, I'm not going to get anything else done today. I can sit in this room staring at this screen doing feck all for the rest of the day, or I could actually go out of the house and do something.

I've been promising R to take him to see Robots for ages, so that's what we did. And being as how I'm being a lazy @rse, I decided it would be easier to drive to the Trafford Centre than take the bus to town.

Easier? Wtf was I thinking? Had to drive round looking for a parking space, then the walk from the space to the cinema was at least as far as from the bus stop to the cinema in town. And I'd forgot how much I hate shopping malls.

O enjoyed the film (unusually for him, his fave character was the baddie sweeper robots) but he enjoyed the venue more. Not because he likes shopping, oh no. Because he decided the food court, especially the arcade bit, is Pizza Planet from Toy Story made real. He didn't want to leave and worse, is already demanding to know when we are going again. Urggh. And all because I couldn't be @rsed to get the bus. Ah well, granny can take him, there'll be no keeping her away once the new John Lewis opens.

Anyone for the last few choc ices, now?

today's numbers: [sfx]hollow laughter[/sfx]


Stephen said...

*looks at wreckage of V Nice curry which cost way too much, through the beer goggles of a v nive french chardonnay and a couple of G&T's* Cash? Weight? Food? Relationships? We just need to be living in another dimension.. . the one that our head says exists. You go girl, there are people out here who think you are aces, and gorgeous.

Trinity said...

steve's right. You are the bestest and I loves you xxx

clarrie said...

thank you both xxxxx

Trinity said...

why you quoting eagles songs?

clarrie said...

blimey, I thought only Christy Moore had writ songs about choc ices