Monday, April 25, 2005

monday randomness

shaving: since we're on the subject, why do male cyclists shave their legs? The view from Just zis Guy and from Jobst Brand.

builders: actually builder singular, there is just one of him and he has to put the whole kitchen in by himself awww. Actually it is more of a teeny weeny kitchenette than a proper kitchen, so I don't think he's that hard done by. Had to spend yesterday evening clearing out all the cupboards tho boooo.

eating: goes from bad to worse. Didn't go to fatclub last week cos I was away but I don't want to go this week either cos I know it will be Bad. Waah.

geology: am on a geology-based unit of my course. Who knew rocks would be so interesting?


Stephen said...

Rocks are great - they make the lumpy bits of the country interesting. Give me a nice Millstone Grit outcrop for some good adhesion when climbing. Chalk Downland is aces for walking, too. But you can't beat a big of weathered upthrust igneous, in my book.

clarrie said...

limestone pavements are fantastic to look at but not so luverly to walk on.

When I go on my summerschool we have a geology field trip! I hope we gets our own hammer.

Jude said...

Now you told me the other week fatclubs only work if you go to them even if you have gained.

clarrie said...

did i? b&gg*r