Monday, April 25, 2005

ummm ... what was I saying again?

Well as we all know now, email and txting rots ur brane. To find out exactly how much, take the gruaniad quiz.
It might not be email that has made you stupid, but something has, and coffee is now the only thing supporting your higher brain function. Was that sentence too long for you? Stop. Checking. Your. Email. Try reading something to rebuild your concentration. Start with the television listings. Work up to a magazine article.


Jude said...

The modern necessity of email, texts and instant messaging has muddled your thinking, but you do not let it dominate your life. You can carry on a conversation without looking up references online, and switch off when you go on holiday. Brain damage should be no worse than if you'd been smoking spliff. Beware if doing both.

That is so not true. I look up everything online.

Stephen said...

You mean there are people who don't take a laptop and GPRS connected PDA on holiday with them? How strange...