Tuesday, April 19, 2005

random whining

what is the point of on-line banking if they don't show the on-line payments you've just made?

why am I doing this instead of doing the work I absolutely have to do?

why can't I stop eating?

just how horrible is the meeting I have to go to tonight going to be and how much is everyone going to shout at me?

why did I buy O an electronic pokemon game from ebay that makes lots of noise?

why do people pay more for stuff on ebay than they could buy it for in the shops or elsewhere on line?

why is the daily mail?

why can't I understand how to play the stoopid pokeball game even after downloading the instructions?


Trinity said...

why isn't chocolate free.

clarrie said...

why is there no b00ze in this house?

Stephen said...

"In 90% of cases, the answer to the question 'Why?' is 'Because people are stupid'"

Jude said...

why is there no notify list for this blog making me check it 10 times a day?