Sunday, April 10, 2005

command performance

Trin rang me up to demand that I blog something. I did try to blog summat yesterday but blogger ate my post.

I've been doing a pretty good job of sabotaging my earlier good works this week. I've eaten the calories burned during today's bike ride at least 3 times over. I've drunk far too much wine. I've eaten out 3 times and not been mindful of my food choices. I haven't pointed. I have at least kept up with exercise tho - several walks of varying length (20 - 40 mins), belly dancing and 3+ hours (31.5 miles4) on bike today. I will do better from tomorrow, I will I will I will.

Ms T is threatening suggesting visiting us at half-term, to show her gels the sights of Madchester. They wanna go shopping - she wants shopping hell but I reckon Abby'd rather hit Afflecks & the rest of the Northern Quarter,with maybe a visit to the sk8r bois near the cathedral. If they come on the right weekend, we could even visit the Garden of Delights. The Garden is handy for curry heaven but Ms T is some kind of curry-hating weirdo. She says she wants to visit the theatre of dreams (TM) too, but she'll have to go on her own.

Oh and O suddenly remembered the other day that he never got the promised bowling trip when we went to Brizzul, so we might have to do that. Trafford Centre could be a good idea, akshually - shops and cinema and bowling and bumper cars all together. And we could all go on a luverly bike ride to Lyme Park (speak to me not of Lyme, show me the spot where Mr Darcy dived1).

Maybe Ms J might join us too?

1. Not that that happens in the book. The real Mr Darcy would not have done that. I am a Jane Austen fundamentalist and I complained bitterly2 thro the BBC adaptation3

2. if bitterly = irritatingly pedantically

3. and don't get me started on Bridget Feckin Jones ...

4. I just realised, that's half a metric century5. Wooo.

5. Or 5280 times the length of a London Bus, in real terms


Anonymous said...

Half term has just finished dur.

Ms J.

Trinity said...

MS J thick. End of TERM has just finished. Term begins Tomm then 1/2 term in Juney.
June is busting out all over.
I am incredibly fat this week. I refuse to even look at a bike and if you havent got room you take the girls and I'll go stay with single handsome man in same complex ok? find me one.

Trinity said...

abby said no way to the football ground.

Anonymous said...

trin is rude to me *sobs*

clarrie said...

single we can do. handsome we can do. but doing both together is more difficult. We do have a fine selection (well at least 3) teeny boys, tho. What does Abby say to Afflecks?

Trinity said...

Abby wants to SHOP till you drop. Me prefers to snuggle up to Rob and discuss politics or summthink. And nahnahnahnananananana Ms J why bird is you anononomous Ms J?
I'm truly sorry and repent of all my sins. Go get blessed by the green guy on my blog.

ps the men? have they all got their own teeth?

clarrie said...

most of them have, certainly.

CheekyMoo said...

Reason #147 not to take diet advice from me: Sometimes having a non-diet week kicks up your metabolism and you start losing fast when you get back on track. That's what I told myself on Easter when I stuffed my face with chocolate anyway. :-)

Anonymous said...

Has trin apologised to me yet?