Thursday, April 07, 2005

Pope Still Dead

A journo on the radio this morning called him "The People's Pope". I nearly threw up in my porridge. I do not understand all the enormous hoo-hah about an old man dying. I don't wish anyone dead1 but he was an old man, if you believe in that kind of thing he's gone to heaven,and there'll be another pope along shortly. The papal succession, now that is quite interesting (tho I'm a bit worried that one of Dan "Da Vinci Code" Brown's other books is going to encourage a raft of conspiracy lunacy around it all, particularly with this "secret cardinal" business).

So I'm not 'glad' he's dead or anything, but I didn't like him much - here's just one reason why ...
The devil sent half of all new HIV infections to people under the age of 25, most of them women in developing countries, to taunt him, but JPII steadfastly presided over cardinals, bishops, priests and nuns in four continents, spreading the message that HIV can pass through tiny holes in condoms, discouraging use of barrier contraception, and making this a better world for us all. Bravo.
(from today's Bad Science column)

Let's hope the new chap is better, whoever he may be. Seems unlikely, tho.

1. except Thatcher obv. Be throwing a street party when she goes


Trinity said...

poor maggie. You and steve are in cohorts. He hates her too. Anyways how can anyone talk about the roman catholic faith that dissuades the third world from using condoms to prevent the spread of aids and disease not to mention unwanted pregnancies. I also remember the pope being adamant that the suffering shouldn't be aided to die. Wonder what her thought of that at his end?

Trinity said...

btw I won't be watching the funeral or the 'royal' farcical wedding
how do you spell farcikle? farsical?

anyways if the tax payers have to pay the bill for extra policing the so called royal wedding because they moved it to a saturday I'm making a placade and doing a demo. I need O to walk with me!