Tuesday, April 12, 2005

doing what judeee sez

OK I won't start smoking again. It's nasty and smelly and expensive (actually I can't imagine how I ever afforded it). I am dealing (not) with my bad feelings by eating fat 'n' carbs and pottering about ebay. I have bought a new handlebar bag and a Power Rangers Turbo Annual (that'll get O reading independently, as I refuse to read it to him). Some might say I would be better off actually getting on with some work but I say pah.


Trinity said...

smoking v bad. Who would put grey smoke in their lungs. Overeating when you're feeling down is much better for you really.
Hmmm I think you're a bit down atm. Be nice to yourself.
And post more!!

Jude said...

you should always do as I say not as I do