Friday, April 01, 2005

jolly holidays

Back home, hurrah. We did have a good time but nearly 2 weeks in close proximity with family (particularly someone else’s family), always having to be on one’s best behaviour, is a bit of a strain. And I missed my own bed and my own things and my own broadband connection1.

Did mostly OK with staying on plan. I’m not saying I didn’t eat any biscuits or easter eggs, but I did say ‘no’ most times the biscuit tin came round. Didn’t get all of the exercise I’d planned on (no swimming, and no walking cos R’s dad has a bad leg) but did get some cycling in. Two long (20+) miles rides (on even including uphill stretches) and some shorter rides too.

R’s family were rather bemused by my new found interest in exercise, being more used to me sitting on t he sofa with my head in a book munching biscuits, but were gratifyingly impressed by my exertions. I really enjoyed my rides, even if I did have to get off and push sometimes. Cycling on country lanes is definitely nicer than busy urban/suburban roads. Eventually I would like to go on cycling holidays – maybe starting off by ‘credit card touring’ (with a Credit Card Touring Cyclist's Credit Card, natch) exploring the new Felpersham canal cycle paths.

I’ve had a quick check on my own scales, and it doesn’t look like I’ve gained. Back to WW next week for official weigh in. Now I’m off to catch up on everyone else’s blogs.

1. I'd been hoping to get on-line either at R's brother's or at cybercaff. Local cybercaff had closed down boo and R's bro's interweb connection wasn't working. Bizzarely he was not on the phone to his ISP day and night demanding to be reconnected. Strange man.

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Jude said...

yay welcome back why have you not gained tsk!