Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Aquarobics tonight. Nearly didn't go. Had a fun time in a last minute omg I nearly forgot dad's birthday shopping panic, which put me in a reet bad mood. Got home from that, got on bike to go to pool, and found out my brakes weren't working. Arse. R tried to fix it but no joy. I thought of just staying home but went (late) to aquarobics anyway. Glad I did, tho I didn't enjoy it as much as usual after all the mither before hand.

If you do swimming or aquarobics, it's worth getting a proper cozzie. Got an Allen's Swimwear brochure through the post this morning, which was nice. Might get meself a new cozzie when I've lost a bit more weight. It's hard for big girls to get proper cozzies in the high street. Most sports shops only sell them in small sizes, and big girl shops only sell sitting around and occasionally doing a bit of paddling type costumes. So hurrah for mail order and double hurrah for on-line shopping. Allen's stock lots of costumes in bigger sizes. Look for descriptions like 'masters' or 'classic' - that's swim cozzie code for "will fit normal women not just 14 year old olympic hopefuls". Master/classic cozzies come in larger sizes and often have medium or even low cut legs, useful for those of us who don't want to have to have a Brazilian just to go swimming. Several styles also have build in support for the chest area, handy for the top heavy among us.

Wednesday night is ER night, and ER night means popcorn. Fortunately Marjorie has trained me to enjoy plain popcorn ie home popped with a teeny bit of oil and a little salt. Satisfies those salty snack cravings nicely.

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