Monday, February 02, 2004

I started making a serious effort to get fitter and healthier and slimmer on 9th Jan this year. I knew I was a bit overweight (OK very overweight) but I didn't know just how much, till I accidentally stepped on some scales. My weight is in the top right of this blog, I still can't actually say the figures out loud, it's too horrible. What was worst of all was calculating my body mass index and finding out I fell into the 'morbidly obese' category. Waaaaaah. So, in consulation with Marjorie, I set out to tackle this. So far I have lost 1 stone (14 lb) in the first 3 weeks hooray but as Marj keeps reminding me, weight loss can be quick at the start of a diet but slows down as you go on. So I don't expect to keep losing at this rate - 1 to 2 lb a week is the rate I am aiming at.

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