Wednesday, February 18, 2004

When I were a lass, my mum used to tell me that women have to suffer for beauty. Usually she said this while I was protesting at her burning my face as she curling-tongued my hair into a Farah Fawcett flick (look, it was the 80s, OK?). Now it turns out she was wrong. It seems that if we have nice wads of money, we can pay for other women to suffer for our beauty for us. According to the gruaniad, Vickie Bekham et al pay up to two grand for 'real hair' hair extensions. The real hair has to come from somewhere. "My extensions come from Russian prisoners, so I've got Russian cell block H on my head" quipped Vickie. Oh how we larfed. As, presumably, did the Russian prisoners and asylum inmates forcibly shaved to provide them. I hope she got her mum to use the curling tongues while the hair was still on another woman, too, saves her any discomfort.

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