Sunday, February 08, 2004

Marjorie’s Tip For Today: Write It Down

The only way to keep track of how many calories you eat each day is to write down everything you eat, how much you ate, and the calories in it. Get a little note book (the Paperchase sale is good for getting cute ones cheap like Clazza's) and use it to keep a record of everything you eat. Add up the calories as you go along, so you have a running total for the day and know how many you have left. Also, make a note of any exercise you did that day. This is what a page of Clazza's book looks like.

You could do it on a computer (and there are some websites that let you keep your records there) but that's only any use if you have a pda or laptop. Otherwise, you won't be able to writ everything down straight away, and you'll forget things (accidentally or accidentally on purpose). Trust me, the old fashioned way with pen and paper is better. And the batteries never run out.

Be honest when you write things down. Like your dad always told you, the only person you,re cheating is yourself if you "forget" about that extra slice of toast, mars bar, can of coke, whatever. No-one else has to see your book. It's for you, and it's only any good to you if you're honest.

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