Wednesday, February 25, 2004

not a Good Diet Day yesterday. Had to go to stressful meeting, overslept so no time to make sarnies (note to self: make sarnies night before in future). Bought shop sarnies with lotsa cals - it's really hard to find veggie sarnies that are not calorie ladened, they all egg mayo or cheese etc. That's my excuse. What my excuse is for the snacks I ate too or the egg & chips I had for me tea is, I haven't worked out yet.

But good news, I finished W&P at last, tho I will have to go back and read it again in a few months - I did 'skim' some the war bits, sorry bout that Mr Tolstoy. I have now started on Homer's Iliad . I know this all makes me sound like a bit of a literary ponce but I'm not, honest. It's partly cos I want to plug some holes in my reading and mainly because Books Etc are having a bogof offer on Penguin classics.

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