Wednesday, February 18, 2004

oh dear. Last week was so not a good week. I averaged around 2000 cals/day, did no exercise (except one belly dance class) and so put on 1 pound. boo.

This week will not be much better, I suspect. We were away for a long weekend, lots of eating out, not good. I tried to be a bit good. I didn't have cooked breakfast (I have always loved staying in B&Bs and having a fried brekkie in the morning, particularly when they get veggie soz 'n' bacon in for you yummmmmm). The B&B we stayed in was lovely (Wild Cherries) - Sue the Landlady gave us fab breakfasts of cereal, fresh fruit salad, toast, hot x buns, croissants (I declined the buns and croissants but O & R enjoyed them).

We ate out for all our other meals, and I wasn't as good as I could've been about my choices for meals. I did manage to resist having puddings too, tho, which I feel quite smug about. I also managed not to eat lots of choccie and crisps and crap on the long car journey there and back, which is another improvement on my previous behaviour.

Did get some exercise while we were there - walks in the grounds of C's college, in an ancient yew forrest and at the coast, as well as games of footie in the park.

An interesting series has started on BBC 2, Diet Junkies, looking at the diet industry, how big business exploits concerns about obesity to it's own advantage, and how in spite of the millions spent on diets and diet products, the western world keeps on getting fatter. Last night's was about diet gurus like Atkins, Weight Watchers etc. The contrast between them and the NHS "eat less, exercise more" diet approach was interesting. Big name diets promise you miracles if you follow their rules. We don't want to think that losing weight is as simple, and yet as potentially hard, as eating less and doing more. We want miracles and easy answers. But there aren't any, really. Any diet that works comes down to consuming less cals than you expend. Even Atkins, according to Horizon the other week, seems to come down to that, the latest theory being that protein makes you feel fuller so you eat less. Next week's Diet Junkies is about meal replacement products "linked to the deaths of over 50 dieters". BBC2, Tuesdays, 8pm.

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