Thursday, February 12, 2004

Marjorie's Tip For Today: For Valentine's Day

Some cynics like Clazza don't believe in Valentine's Day. She is just bitter and twisted; real romantics like me love it. However a word of advice - if your beloved buys you a big box of chocs for Valentine's Day, poke them very hard with a very sharp stick.

To avoid having to do this, tell them in advance that they had better not buy you big box of chocs or else. The people close to you should be thoughtful and supportive about the fact that you are losing weight, not go waving temptation around.

You will note I say big box. If you want to have some choc, a small box of chocs may be OK, if you fit it into your calorie budget. And if you must have chocs, may we recommend buying fair trade?

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