Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Are you sure you're not me?

I love reading diet blogs [1]. I love to know that I'm not alone on this weigh loss journey, I love to know that there are others who're making it and other's who're struggling and all of us are in this together. I love to read how different people are doing it, the things they do and don't do, how they cope when things don't go so well.

Most of all, I love when I read something that speaks right to me, when someone expresses beautifully something that I've been feeling but can't always put into words. I had one of these "are you sure you're not me?" moments last week, with Yvonne @ 67.6 fluid ounces [2]. Now it's Cat @ Scale Tipping ...

I was raised in a household of the dreaded "Food Guilt". We weren't allowed to touch the ever-present candy or junk that littered the house. So we (my overweight brother and I) got in the habit of sneaking it. Boy, what a habit that is to have. It was a constant source of anxiety in my youth and still leaves me with similar habits today.

Thank you Cat and thank you all diet/exercise/self improvement bloggers. It feels easier to do this together.

[1] also I love the new blogger without ads, because now I can type diet without worrying that some snake oil salespeople will try and flog their evil rubbish on my blog

[2] 67.6 fl oz is 2 litres in real money. glad i worked that out, it's been bugging me


Jude said...

silly claz you can host blog at md you know with no adds

Jude said...

waa next blog link took me to inounderstandthelanguage blog

clarrie said...

I love the 'next blog' thing, but some 'next blogs' are too scarey.

"hAha..tat Is wAd Pp sAe laHz..but i dUn knOW...i lIke 2 lAugh lAhz..dUn knOe Y...eRz..lEt Me thiNk oF moRe...leTs C... i knoE...i cAn uSe 2 cOm 4 hOuRs n hOurs...sIaO riTeZ..dUn knOe y i wIll lIke tAT...eNough liAo.. "

like, omg wtf etc

Jude said...

I would like to complain. I searched this blog for my name and only got 6 results.