Friday, August 13, 2004

Spoke too soon

Official weigh-in day today, and I have put on 1 lb since Wednesday, so lost 2 lb this week. Feel a bit pissed off but as R said, if I hadn't weighed myself midweek I wouldn't've known and I'd just be pleased to have lost 2 lb. Teach me not to keep weighing self.

Yesterday went OK, ate my lunch on train (tho I had finished it and all my water by noon). Walked for an hour. Kept to my resolve to have soup for tea (cup of leek & potato with walnut bread yum). But then disaster struck, my train was seriously delayed and I had the munchies. I got fruit and nuts, as the most healthful option available, but did eat a huge amount of them, which probably accounts for the 1 lb gain.

Overall, I think things have gone OK this week. I've had no choc or sweets, no crisps (but one bag of snackajacks) and only one can of fizzy drink (sugar free redbull). I've drunk masses of water and kept an eye on portion size. My only real slide into mindless eating/snacking was yesterday. So, a good re-start I reckon.

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Jude said...

Woo that is v good stop complaining ;) Having said that if I don't lose 3 next week there will be tears and shouting.