Friday, August 06, 2004

Yesterday was A Bad Day. Life, work, relationship, eating, weather, all bad. Actually it's not fair to call the weather bad, I love summer thunder storms. But all else bad. Even had an urge to smoke. So I did what I do when things are bad, and ate. Went for a curry, first time in months. Mmmmm. And then I decided to try and draw a line and start over. So I weighed myself this morning and it was Bad. Regained all but 3 lb of what I lost earlier this year.

I am tentatively calling today restart day. Probably not a good day to start, as we have little food except white bread and peanut butter in the house, and also tonight is Big Brother Finale night, which will call for cava and pistachios. But I could always find a reason to put off starting weight loss. Today is as good a day as any so I will make a start here.

Wish me luck.

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Jude said...

Well I nearly DIED coming back from fat club that was bad. Could not see anything. Scaryyyyyyyyyy.