Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Olympic Dreams

Watched highlights of the Triathlon while having lunch. Austrian-Australian Kate Mellor won from behind with an amazing run, nicking it from Loretta Harrop.

I have these vague (very vague) ideas of going in for the triathlon one day. When I am much much fitter. I think my swimming could be up to it, but not sure about my cycling (have to learn to cycle up hills boo) and I always hated running for running's sake, even when I were a lass and relatively fit. I'm also not sure my finances are up to it, given the amount of kit you need (wet suits, running shoes, cycling shoes, proper road bike etc). It shall remain a day dream for now, but I will get Jayne Williams' book and wonder about becoming a slower, fatter triathlete.

Gotta love Amir Khan.

As a well meaning gruaniad reader, I am of course against boxing on principle. Also boxing is deeply tarnished by Mike Tyson, and by its unfathomable governing bodies/weight class systems. But I can't fail to recognise his immense skill and talent, and sneakingly enjoy watching his bouts. Most of all I love him cos he's from Bolton and reminds me of the young Asian men I used to meet regularly in my old job. Go Amir!


Jude said...

You gotta support Northerners even if they are hitting people.

Goil said...

Found your blog by accident...i like the way you are approaching the weight loss. I may have to join you in that. Stress has taken over my old routine and I must get back to it. Do you find that belly dancing has helped any? I used to take classes. But only for fun..not for a workout. Hmmm...maybe I should look into that again.

Jude said...

ooh ooh ooh we should train (heh i said train) for that run thru manchester you go thru coronation st