Friday, August 27, 2004

Weigh-In and Weekly Round-Up

Weight this morning = 16 st 10. I lost 2lb and hit my first mile stone of getting my BMI below 40 hurrah.

How the week went (compared to the plan)

  • Weight: lost 2 lb wooo (although I must remember that I am at the early 'easy' stage of weight loss and as time goes on, there will be weeks I don't lose at all)
  • Exercise: I made my target of exercising 5 times a week for at least 30 mins wooo, with a mix of swimming, cycling, belly dancing and aquarobics
  • Getting active with O: bike ride to park and swimming trip this week
  • Food etc: Mostly good. I watched my portion sizes, thought before eating cr@p, and ate 3 pieces of fruit most days. There was a descent into comfort eating and crisps one day, but I didn't let it become the start of a slide so that's good. And yes there was chocolate but that was half a normal sized mars bar shared with R, instead of 1 king-size mars bar each, so I count that as progress too.
  • Water & other drinks: the crisps day also featured diet (sugar free) irn bru, but apart from that I haven't had any fizzy drinks, and have drunk my water target most days. It's getting harder tho, now that the days aren't so hot. And I know what Melanie @ the 730 Diaries means about peeing all the time! I don't normally notice the effects because I work to my own schedule, but yesterday I was at a conference working on someone else's timetable and there were times I was absolutely bursting by the end of a seminar.

All in all, a good week

Other news 1 - I've retired the Stalin book for now, as I wasn't enjoying it and it was pretty hard going. I've started on Fat Land instead. In a rare display of will power, I managed to leave Waterstones with just this one book, without succumbing to the lure of the 3-for-2 offer. (This decision may have been influenced by the fact that I was already staggering under the weight of a bag full of books bought from a 2nd hand book stall at the conference venue. Can't be too rich, too thin or have too many books).

Other news 2: more on Dr Gill at the gruaniad's Bad Science column this week. Snigger.
Gillian McKeith PhD (who describes people who disagree with her as using bad science, no less) also claims to have "worked with Linus Pauling (PhD), world's leading researcher in Vitamin C and Nobel Prize winner (New York, USA)". Her "PhD" course began in 1993. Linus Pauling died in 1994. "He was an incredible inspiration. I was working solidly, but studying for a doctorate is not all sitting in a classroom." Quite so. Although, of course, it didn't really involve sitting in a classroom at all.

(And being one of the towering scientific geniuses of the 20th century and a double nobel prize winner, doesn't mean Pauling got it right about Vitamin C).

Other news 3: why can I never write a short blog entry?


Jude said...

WELL DONE CLAZZA woo woo hoooo woooooo

Stephen said...

Hurrah Clazza. Incidentally you are now lighter than me, whereas you were heavier than me at you lowest. In other words, I fell of the wagon quite badly... (but forgot to weigh myself this morning).