Monday, August 16, 2004

Remind me again why I'm doing this …

I am working on eating better and exercising more because:

  1. to lose weight
  2. to be proud of myself
  3. to not have a huge wobbly stomach
  4. to buy clothes in normal shops
  5. to deal with/overcome/work through/magic away my emotional needs to eat
  6. Not to be categorised as officially ‘obese’
  7. I don’t want to avoid being photographed anymore. I want to be happy to be photographed, and happy to look at photographs of myself (ditto full length mirrors).
  8. I need to learn to love myself and the body I’m in
  9. So that the reality of my life matches how I see myself, as an active person who eats sensibly and takes exercise and takes care of herself
  10. Regular exercise lifts my mood and can lessen my depressions
  11. I like exercise – it’s not a chore – I like to swim, to cycle, to walk, to dance
  12. To eat healthily and eat right
  13. Be a good parent and set O a good example
  14. I don’t want to be fat and forty!
  15. because I can!!
  16. I need to learn to stop trying to salve my hurts with food
  17. To make R & O proud of me
  18. To keep my word to myself
  19. I don’t want to be “the fat one” anymore
  20. To get control over my eating, so that I have more control over my life
  21. It'd be nice to wear hipster trousers while they are still vaguely fashionable
  22. Not to be in the Super Heavy Weight class any more

list updated: 25/08/04


Jude said...

I don’t want to be “the fat one” anymore

You want the fat one to be me don't you? I know!

clarrie said...

/me sends more quality street to jude bwaahahahahaha
oh no hang on, not QS bad nestle bad bad.

/me sends fair trade chocs to jude ahahahahahaahah hee

Jude said...


Shauny said...

i really like the 'don't want to be the fat one' line. that does get to be such a freakin' bore.

Jude said...

My list

I don't want clazza to be thinner than me hahahahaha