Sunday, August 29, 2004

wine, women and song

Fun afternoon of wine, food and song at local cafe. The music was 'funky latino rock' and it was great. Food was El Salvadoran tapas, including pupusas which are traditional apparently, and very delicious. Wine was cheapo plonk from Asda (yay for Bring Your Own Booze).

Other (Olympic) news: Hungary win the men's water polo final, beating Serbia & Montenegro 8-7. Badman spoiled the men's marathon by running on and pushing the leading runner off the road. The closing ceremony goes on and on and ...

Other (other) news: O told R today that me and R will have to move out of the house because there won't be room for us, when O gets a wife and a baby, they will need more room for all their toys. Admirable forward planning.

Chocolate Pringles Update: they are called Cadbury Snaps
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and they're coming to your shops soon. Be afraid, be very afraid.

(It's not that I obsessively stalk the confectionery aisle, you understand. They have erected a massive wall of these things right at the entrance to the supermarket, so I am forced to confront them every time I go in there)

Daily Review
food ~ bad - white bread toast frenzy this morning :-(, sour cream and other calories in Salvadoran tapas; fruit ~ 2 pieces (2 x mandarins), maybe an apple too later; exercise ~ 30 mins cycling; water ~ 0.75 l; booze ~ 3 glasses red wine


Stef said...

:O I am so glad I'm not in reach (Australia) of those Cadbury snaps. It would surely be my undoing. They have something similar here that I've managed to stay away from but only because Hershey's tastes like cat shit to me. There'd be no stopping me around Cadbury's ;)

Trinity said...

hershey is vile. I have a free room if R want it? (mine ;-)

Jude said...

Why does this show up as new on live bookmarks?