Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Daily Review
food ~ bad; fruit ~ bad; exercise ~ bad; water ~ bad; booze ~ bad (going to be)

Just bad all round. Feeling sorry for self and it doesn't help that R's away for a few days (presenting paper at important academic conference wooo) so I can't get one of two things that might help me not stuff my face today (one would be cuddles, the other would be time off from being mummy). Today is totally blown and I am just sinking on down into it. Tomorrow is of course another day, in fact it's another month, so plan A is to be up b&e with a New Month's Resolution to get back on track. Or at least get myself together to get someone to mind O for an hour so I can get to aquarobics, that would be a start.


Jude said...

I've been bad. I may be packing for hours ;) on Thursday instead of going to fat club.

clarrie said...

At least it not just me who's having a bad week.

If it goes on like this, I might have to go to FatClub too eek