Monday, August 30, 2004

Bank Holiday Blues

Like Jude sez, it's a Bank Holiday so you can eat whatever you like. Bad day all round. I had some deeply unpleasant finance stuff to sort out today, that's my excuse. Back to eating properly tomorrow, I promise.

One bright point of today: O has this habit of presenting me with things he finds, eg feathers, leaves, stones, flowers. Today he gave me a stone, and said 'I wish I could give you a golden one'. Awww.

Daily Review
food ~ bad, in a chocolate and doughnuts kind of way ie very bad indeed; fruit ~ 1 banana; exercise ~ 0 (yet, but I may do my belly dance vid later); water ~ 0.5 l; booze ~ 0 (yet but there is a bottle of rioja in the kitchen with my name on it)


Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

Jude said...

hmm I have never heard of you jason so called celeb

clarrie said...

bah you just jealous that no slebs post at your blog.