Monday, August 23, 2004

Thwarted (again)

Set off to go to aquarobics tonight, didn't feel like it but went anyway. Got to pool to find pool shut due to 'accident' in pool aaaargh. Came home, felt bit miz, did belly dance video for half an hour then had nice bubbly bath.

In Olympic news: Kelly Holmes gets gold in the 800m woooo and the men's pursuit team get silver cycling medal (an amazing ride by the Aussie team for gold). And there's a possibility of more cycling medals on Wednesday.

Daily Review
food ~ bad. there were crisps, lots of crisps; fruit ~ 3 pieces (banana, apple, banana); exercise ~ half hour of bd vid; water ~ 0.75l+; booze ~ 0


Jude said...

I better not of heard crisps then.

Trinity said...

you got you ultra fattening starter ready for my house?

clarrie said...

um no that was a typo, I meant to type 'crisp leaves of iceberg lettuce' obv

clarrie said...

why does it say 3 comments when there are only 2 comments here? it really bugs me when it does stuff like that

Shauny said...

wasn't that 800m brilliant? what a race!!! her face was priceless (maybe less so now they have replayed it 10000 times)