Sunday, August 22, 2004

Seize a salad

The Observer magazine today features fab salad ideas from Nigel Slater. We :heart: the Nige, goatee or no goatee. I might have to make this tomorrow:

Chickpea and chilli
Toss warm chickpeas (canned will be fine here) with a rich, mellow vinaigrette made with mild olive oil and sherry vinegar, then add chopped bottled hot peppers, chopped flat-leaf parsley and thin slices of feta cheese. Leave for half an hour before stirring and serving.

Yum yum yum

Also in today's Observer: lovely BB5 winner Nadia's first newspaper interview hurrah and how Julie "I was size 22 at one point. I was massive" Burchill lost weight with diet pills booo.

Edit 25/08/04: made this salad, it was lovely, but I think I would do things differently next time I make it ie not chop the peppers (too hot) but let them marinade in the salad for a while to give it kick (and people can eat them if they want) and also maybe add some slices of pickled lemons.


Jude said...

oh goody i forgot to read nadia thing online. i said to my sista 'save that nadia thing for me' but she'll prob forget.

Stephen said...

Hey, we got the Observer today, too - I wondered if you'd seen Nige's salads... And hurrah! for Nads, selling to a top broadsheet, no redtops for her - classy girl.